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Some Old Airplanes to See From Bulgaria

If by any chances you are going to Bulgaria soon you can visit the Sarafovo Airport in Burgas and see some nice old abandoned airplanes. They aren't ultralight but are still quite interesting.

See some pictures here.

It's not a museum, so you don't have to ask anyone. Go there, enjoy the airplanes while they are still there. You can even take pictures.

It's both interesting and a little bit sad.

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Latest poll results: Most readers from North America

As usual I would like the share the results of our latest poll with you. The poll "Let's see where each of us is" was answered by 1019 visitors which isn't bad.

677 of them or 66% are from North America
Then follows Western Europe with 103 respondents (10%).
A good number of readers - 74 or 7% are from Eastern Europe.
The next largest group are the 65 readers from Asia which makes 6%.
35 or about 3% people are from Asutralia or New Zealand.
Roughly 3% (30 votes) were from Africa.
Only 25 readers are from South America which is a bit of surpise. Perhaps the reason is many people there are reading our Spanish version.
And finally 10 of the people who replied (about 1%) are living in an island country.

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The Top 10 Combat Helicopters In The World

Combat helicopters have been used both in the battlefield and for civil purposes since the Second World War. Even though when helicopters were first developed, they were used more in the civil sense than in the military, it did not take long for the military to recognize the use of the helicopter in the battlefield. Here are the top 10 combat helicopters that were ever manufactured.

1. The AH-64 Apache

The Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne failed and the US Army required a helicopter that would give them excellent performance, survivability, sophisticated weaponry, targeting systems and so on to maximize battlefield effectiveness.
Hughes Helicopter came up with the AH-64 Apache, equipping this powerful rugged tandem two-seat aircraft with advanced avionics, powerful engines, armor protected key areas and firepower absorption upto 23-mm fire. The collapsible chain gun for survivability in a crash and energy absorbing landing gear along with night vision-enabled gunner

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The Flight of eGenius Electric Aircraft

At the end of flight one of the interesting electric ultralights made his demo flight. The eGenius completed two successful flights - first 20 minutes flight, then another two hours and half one.

You can see the technical characteristics of the ultralight at the Gizmag article.

This is not the first electric aircraft. The most interesting part of the news is the Airbus backing. Sounds like the commercial aircraft manufacturers are getting interested in the electric airplanes.

The eGenius is too far from being used by commercial airliners but it seems an interested option for ultralight fans. If such planes appear on the market they will probably be more expensive but just as with the electric cars flying should be much cheaper.

We'll see. Hopefully soon.

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Skydiving Logbook

Many of the ultralight aviaiton enthusiasts are also interested in extreme sports like paragliging and skydiving. So we have launched a simple and free skydiving logbook on our sister site.

It allows you to log and share your parachute jumps with friends. No installation required, it's a web based app.

If you like skydiving, feel free to use the logbook and let us know any feedback!

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First Poll Results

OK folks, we decided we've got enough data from the poll "Have you already flown an ultralight aircraft?" for the moment. Here are the results of the 1,282 votes:

- For 991 people of 77% of the readers flying an ultralight is still just a dream.

- 121 or 9% have flown, but someone else was the pilot.

- 105 people or 8% of the readers have been the pilot in their ultralight flight

- 23 lucky souls or 1.8% fly often!

- 42 readers or 3.3% of the people who answered own their aircraft.

Thanks for all who voted on the poll! Expect soon more detailed and graphical information about ultralight enthusiasts in the whole world.

Meanwhile, we have a new poll that will run shorter on the homepage, so why don't you just go and vote now.

Thanks for being with us!

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This Month In Ultralight Aviaiton

Here are 3 interesting stories worth reading in the non-working days:

A Growing Trend Of Ultralight Aircraft Used To Smuggle Drugs
I would prefer if ultralight airplanes are used for better purpose. What do you think?

Where can you get an ultralight aircraft for sale
Interesting article and video which may be useful if you are onto buying an ultralight.

SkyFly - Vertical Takeoff & Landing Ultralight Aircraft
Now this is really amusing video! The aircraft is very weird and I don't expect to see it in mass production, but it's fun for sure. You can watch the video right here too:

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8 Lovely Powered Paraglider Images

Powered paragliders are some of the most affordable ultralight aircraft. Yes, they don't have all the controls an airplane has, but they are so easy to use and cheap to buy.

Here are eight lovely images of powered paragliders:

1. Blue Italian Sky

This one soars in the perfectly blue sky above Italy. Lovely!


2. Italy, Under The Sun

This one is made from the same photographer but you can see the hot Sun.


3. Close Look At The Paraglider Engine

An excellent photo showing the paraglider in details.

motorized paraglider

4. Amazing Landscape From California

California is not only beaches. See what this guy is flying above!

9_21_08 (1)

5. Above Tomato Fields, USA

You can see and learn so much about agriculture when flying a powered paraglider :-)


6. Look In The Mirror

Another lovely picture by Bruce!

1_14_09 (3)

Under The Moon

Flying a powered paragliding in the evening can be especially scenery.

Me flying a powered paraglider

8. Above The Dunes

And at the end enjoy this amazing picture from the dunes in Glaims, California

Glamis Dunes 5

You can see most of the photos even larger if you click on them. Then on Flickr click on "Actions" and "View all sizes".

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Video Of The Month: Speed Record With A Paramotor Trike

This time I just want to share a cool video showing 10-minutes flight with an ultralight trike. It's recorded directly from the pilot's seat which makes it really amazing and helps you feel like really flying. It's cool to see how the trike takes off and lands on the road.

Looks like the man who recorded the video is also selling these trikes for $15,000. He claims even that you need no license of any kind. $15k may be slightly expensive for a trike, but this thing is actually like a flying car, seems to be pretty comfortable although you can't see the entire thing on the video. You can find the seller's phones in the "more info" section in the author's profile.

Watching the video is free for sure so just enjoy it:

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Blog Review: Views From the Left Seat

This is another blog written by a large air carrier pilot. The Views From the Left Seat blog contains a lot of photos from the cities the pilot is visiting, of other aircraft and interesting sights. It's one of the few aviation blogs that are updated really frequently with original content, and not just preprinted news.

The blog has started in 2007.

The author is also managing another blog only with photos from the aviation world - it's called Plane & Simple. It contains mostly photos of commercial airplanes.

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