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8 Wonderful Aviatior Helmets

Need a new helmet? Or just want to get some ideas about fashionable ones :) Either way, we have collected several interesting photos of pilot helmets with some info about them. Enjoy!

Charles Lindbergh Helmet

This is the Americal aviator Charles Lindbergh wearing helmet in open aircraft cockpit. This type of soft helmets with goggles up was very popular back at the 1920s - 1930s.

Royal Air Force Typhoon Pilot's Helmet

And this above is Royal Air Force Typhoon pilot's helmet with informational system that displays instrument information on the visor. Obviously this is far more modern than the Charles Lindbergh helmet :)

Aviators' Flight Helmet, World War I

Back to the past. This is a World War I helmet made of leather and fabric. The back of the helmet has the pilot's name.

Modern Pilot's Helmet

Another modern helmet with oxygen system.

Pilot With Full Gear

The main reason to include this photo is the pilot :) But if you stop looking at the nice hair you can see the full gear of F-16 fighting falon.

Air mail pilot helmet

This is the Air Mail pilot William C. Hopson around 1920. Note the shirt, tie and glasses. Romantic times!

Czech Pilot

And this is a Czech pilot helmet and full gear from the Communist times. Note the pentagram on the helmet, at first I throught this was a Soviet pilot.

Spanish Air Force

And here's a modern Spanish Air Force helmet.

Do you already have a helmet? Feel free to share its photo with us!

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