Introduction to Ultralight Airplanes

12 Beautiful Amphibian Aircraft and Float Planes

1. PBY Catalina

PBY Catalina
Photo credit

PBY Catalina is American flying boat used a lot in World War II. See here for more info.

2. Republic SeaBee

Republic Seabee
Photo credit

This all-metal float airplane was produced in 1946 - 1947. Still looking great. There is some good info on this site.

3. Dornier Do-24

Dornier Do-24
Photo credit

Dornier is an old float from 1926. The one on the picture however is a model redesigned in 2005. This site here has good info about this interesting amphibian airplane.

4. Short Solent

Short Solent
Photo credit

What about a passenger flying boat? Here's one! It was used in the late 1940s up to the end of 1950s. Here is a fan page.

5. Beaver DHC-2

Beaver DHC-2
Photo credit

Excellent single-engine Canadian STOL amphibian aircraft. Created in the late 1940s and still in production! This looks like the official site:

6. Piper Cub on Floats

Piper Cub on floats
Photo credit

This is the Piper J-3 Cub but on floats. One of the most popular light aircraft of all time!

7. Naval Aircraft Factory N3N

Naval Aircraft Factory N3N
Photo credit

This two-seat training biplane was first built in 1935 by Naval Aircraft Factory. The aircraft is retired in 1961. This picture was taken on Airvenbture 2005. This site has more info about the plane.

8. Cessna 180H

Cessna 180H
Photo credit

I did a search to identify the exact model of this Cessna aircraft as the photographer has not included it. This is the six-seat version of Cessna 180 with floats. More info about Cessna 180 at Wikipedia.

9. Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cessna 172
Photo credit

Yet another Cessna! Four-seat single engine on floats. The base model is still in production (I saw used one on a classifieds site for $88,000). For more info on the current model it's best to check at Cessna site.

10. de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter

de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter
Photo credit

Another STOL float plane by de Haviiland Canada. Only 466 planes have been built but many are still in use. More info here.

11. Quest Kodiak 100

Quest Kodiak 100
Photo credit

This funny looking aircraft is actually a very good one, still in production. It's unpressurized single-engine high-wing airplane built by Quest Aircraft. For more info about Kodiak check the official site.

12. Stinson 108 Voyager

Stinson 108 Voyager
Photo credit

Produced by Stinson Aircraft Company, this plane is no longer in production. Information about all modifications is available at Wikipedia.

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