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Do you dream to fly? Imagine doing it like the birds - with the wind going around you and being able to feel the sky. Imagine having bird's view over the ground and seeing all those beautiful sights. Is this what you are looking for?

The ordinary airplanes are so heavy and expensive.

You need a deep pocket to buy one and then to pay the huge hangar, support, license and fuel expenses every month.

And flying one of them you can only feel like being in a huge machine - you can't feel what real flying is.

Is it really so hard to just go out there and start flying?

We share the same dream and the same frustration.

We should not give up.

The solution is out there and it is so simple - ultralight aviation. The ultralight airplanes, helicopters, gliders and experimental aircraft are affordable, exciting, easy to support and license.

We have created this guide to help you know more about the ultralight airplanes.

It is your introduction and start up resource for getting a pilot license and owning your own aircraft. I will share with you the results of our researches and give you ideas - how to know more, where and what to buy, at what prices, how to protect yourself from pitfalls and how to experience the best of ultralight flying.

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Sometimes there are cool little news and comments we want to share with you, but they don't fit as an article in the site structure. For this purpose I created the aviation blog where you can read frequent news and comments about the ultralight (and not only) aviation. The latest article in the blog at the moment is Some Old Airplanes to See From Bulgaria.

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